Aug 14th 1862


             Head Quarters 2nd Brigade Morells Division

                                                                       Aug 14. 1862


Dear Mag


We have packed up... ready for a move.  I donít know where we are going. As soon as I can after we stop I will write.  Andrew Hurringen has got here and gave me the hdkfs. I was very glad to get them.


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I havnít had any hemmed hdkfs for a while and they seem very nice. I am very well. Myers boys are well. I supposed John Henry left my old sword with you. I had intended sending it to Freeport but had no chance.


I direct this note to you as Mother may have left Curllsville.  If she has, send this to her so she may know I am well. There seems to be a lively time about Curllsville raising recruits. I hope some of them will get a good scare. Remember Me to all the young ladies Katie Myers particularly.


                             Yours affectionately