April 12th, 1862






Camp Near Yorktown Va.

Apl. 12th, 1862



Dear Sister Mag


I suppose that / you are expecting that we are fighting / away here at a desperate rate, / and that we are proportionaly / used up but thus far we / have not been doing anything / of much account and we have / been laying here till we get a / lot of seceshers in a bag / at leaste it is supposed / that we are trying to surround / the enemy and that that accounts / for part of our inactivity / here.  I had a letter / from Ben Heuey a few days / ago.  He said that our folks / had gone to Freeport and that / you were not well.


Ben has been very kind. / This is a very fine day here


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but we have had some pretty / disagreeable weather


We have heard that news from / No 10 Island and reports / of another fight but haven’t / got the particulars of the / latter.  We have just heard of the Merrymac / making another visit to Fortress / Monroe & raising a row there / generally.  I think they ought to stop her rambles / some how.


I hope you are well by this / time and that the children / are well.  Give my love / to them and to Kate Myers / I had a letter from Kate / that I will answer when we / get to some place where writing / is easier done up than it is here. / It is as much as I can get done / to let you all Know how / we are getting along,


Your aff…