April 25th, 1862





Camp Winfield Scott April. 25./62


Dr Mag


            I rec'd your letter of the 20th last night.  I was very glad to hear from you and that you were all well, 


            And I am very glad too that you wrote to me cheerfully & encouragingly.  It is one of the happy seasons in all soldier’s life when he receives a cheerful & encouraging letter from the dear friends he leaves at home And it is equally as painful to get a letter that is of the opposite character.


            I am well Our army is at work building bridges, making roads & c, and will be for some time yet, if the seceshers don't commence upon us  every day we lay here before the fighting commences is a day of preparation, and a day towards the easier accomplishment of our work, and can still do much more to advantage / but are ready to commence operations at any time that our enemies may feel like opening upon us,


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I have 4 letters to write & only 2 envelopes & so I enclose 2 in one envelope


Remember me to all the girls who asked to be remembered.  Give my love to Maggie, Jim & Rhoda G. & tell her that I got the kiss


            I suppose the children are growing   I am very anxious to see them


            I am glad to hear that you are getting along well


            Uncle Sam is very slow about paying us we have nearly four months pay due us now.


            If you need any thing & there is any thing coming to me at Sligo (I dont Know if there is or not)  you can get whatever you want there.  I got a letter from Ben Heuey along with yours


I enclose a note for Kate Myers as She is often at your house you can give it to her.  I had a letter from Mother & M.J. a few days ago, the last letter I got from you was 3 weeks coming


Your (unknown)