April 3rd, 1862



Camp near “Fortress Monroe” Apl. 3rd 1862


Dear Mag        


As mother has gone to Freeport. I shall / direct this letter to you.  I suppose you have read / all that I sent to Curllsville directed to Mother,


We are encamped about three miles from “Fortress / Monroe” , We leave here tomorrow.  I dont know / where we are going.  This is a very pretty place / but a little bit flat, sometimes.  One night it rain- / -ed and when we got up in the morning we / had about 3 inches of water for carpet.  Our / bed was raised about 6 inches and was dry. /


            Loomis cavalry company is laying at / Fortress Monroe and we have seen a / good many of the boys.  Bill Pritner / looks better than I ever saw him. / John Roper has been to see us.  Tom  / Beales of Freeport is in that company. / Col. Lehmans Regiment, came down yester- / -day.  they passed us & encamped about / 2 miles from us near “Newport News”. / The 105th & 63rd are about ˝ miles from us / towards “Fortress Monroe”.  The Penn @ Reserves / have not come down, and we dont know


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whether they are coming down or not. / we didnt get a mail for about 10 days / & then we didnt get much of a mail, / I got a letter from Mother day before / yesterday, she seems to be in low spirits. / I hope she will feel better when she / gets to Freeport.  I had a letter / from Thos Gales at the same time, she / said that Ben Huey was going to / haul Mother’s things to the river. / This has been a beautiful day / here and like a may day up / at home.  The peach trees are in / blossom here and flowers coming / out.  I hope you are all well, / and that the children are getting / along well, and I long for / the time when I can meet you / all again,                            


 Direct. 62nd Reg.   2nd Brigade

                                                      Porters division

                                                      Washington D.C.


Remember me to Kate Myers, I recd / a letter from her a couple weeks ago  


Your Gus