January 20th, 1862







Gan & I enclose 10$ for you / write us soon as you get this so we will / know if you get the money


Camp “Betty Black” Jan 20/62


Dear Mag


            The Boxes of provender / came last night and we have been / living well since.  They were a good / while on the road.


We had a letter from Mary jane / the other day  Mother intended star- / -ting west today.  Mr Ulam was to / go with her.  I am glad of that. / The Freeport girls & people were all / well,  Gan & I got a letter from / Saline Gibson, she says she is / engaged to both of us and wants us / to draw cuts which will have / her,  I don’t know how that will / be.  I have a notion to back out. / I am afraid Miliners wouldnt like / to keep house, and I would / rather have a dutch girl.  Do you / know any’S  Ell Lyon has not / got here yet and we have / allmost given him up.  I hope / he will come yet.  It is awful / mudy here in Virginia now, and / the sacred soil is entirely too plenty


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to suit cleanly people.  I was at / the camp of Col Hay’s regiment last week / Saw Bumgardner Henry Shoup and the / rest of the Curllsville fellows  Saw / Jim Ryan, Sam Penney has gone / into the regular service, is a Lieut in / the regular army.  We thought / we would move before this, but / the roads are too bad for an army to move now.  Gan & I are / both well, and Gan is occupied / in supporting the dignity of his / new office of 8th corporal / I had a letter from Ben Heuey / the other day.  And one from / Tom Gales.  Remember me / to the girls and the rest of creation / about Curllsville that don’t think I / am all the time drunk.


I would have written to you sooner / but I thought Ell would be here / before this.  Give my love to / Jim. & Maggie & siddie, and tell / them I think of them very often / and would like to see them very / much. & hope we will all see each / other next summer  write soon


Your aff…