July 8th, 1862






Camp near Harrisons Bar  July 8./62


My Dear Mother


            I wrote you a note some days / ago telling you of my safety.  I have seen since / that I am mentioned as wounded.  I have / to assure you again that I am unhurt. /


            On the day before(?) the fight at McChanicsville Genl. Griffin / assumed command of our Brigade at 2 oclock.  I went / back to our regiment and col. Black appoin- / -ted one acting adjutant but just as I was (under / order of Col Black) marching out the regiment / I was ordered to report to Genl. Griffin and / as acting aid, and I have been with him since / And as I am now entitled to drop the acting / and sign myself a “Bona fide” Aid-De-Camp.  I / argue that I have succeeded in doing my duty / in the three hard battles & one skirmish that / we have gone throug in one week well enough / to the satisfaction of my General that he thus / appoints me permanently.  I lived a long / time in that one week of hard work hard fighting no / rest and little to eat.  Col. Black fell in our / second battle, I was close to him but a moment / before he fell, but was called away, and in / a few moments more I found him dead.  The regiment was pressing on and some of / the men were gathered around him.  I told them / to go on & some they did.  It was the last time / I saw him and there. In him has gone a / good brave soldier and a faithful friend. /


            I was offered by the Genl. a Captains / commission on the appointment of Aid-De-Camp/


            I did not like to be a capt and be assigned to a / strange Co, besides I can have an opportunity of/


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seeing & learning more on the staff, and too / it is a little more prominent a position, and the / service is not quite so hard.  I mention / this that you may know that I have tried to / do my duty,  and that my commanders are / pleased, for it is reasonable to suppose if / they thought I had not merited anything that I / would have had no offers of advancement/


            I like Genl. Griffin very much and / he is a brave man.  He assumed command / of the Brigade at 2. Oclock and at 5 oclock / the same day we were in the fight at McChanics / -ville.  our Brigade relieved part of McCall’s Division / The 4th Mich relieved the 5 Penn. & the 14th / N.Y. a part of the Bucktails.  the 4th Mich / lost some 30 men that evening but that / was but a beginning of our losses.  Our Brigade / lost 936 in killed & wounded & 1165 in killed / wounded & missing, over 45 per cent of our / whole no engaged.

            Jim Penney was here hunting me / the other day but I was off on duty / and I could not get to see him.


            It is very warm here.  A little / hotter than I ever saw it.


            I am busy now and cant / write more now.  Give / my love to all and send / this letter to Mag


Yours aff…