June 18th, 1862







Camp Near New Bridge  June 18. 1862


My Dear Sister


            Your letter reached me two or three days ago. / I had just started a letter to Mother, so I concluded to / wait a little while before answering.  Your letter was very interesting / and I was glad to get so much news.  I hope the / visitors from Clarion Co have had a pleasant time.  I / was glad to hear that Kate Myers would be in Freeport. / I like her very much, as I think every one does who / makes her acquaintance,  and I think she would / enjoy the visit to Freeport.  You may be sure / I would have liked to have been at home at the / same time, as also I would at the time of the visit of / another friend, that you wrote would be in Freeport / soon,  I hope they would all have a pleasant / time.  I suppose you are aware that Mrs Huey / was one of my first young lady friends in Clarion / County.  McCalls Division has got here / they moved to day to within 2 miles of us  I / will try to get to see some of them soon.  I / was in the 9th Regt a few days ago, and / saw some of my friends.  Charlie Young / was well but I did’nt get to see him. /


            I am very well and this sort of life /


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seems to agree with me very well.  But I am / hoping for the end of this war when I can / see all my dear friends, if I live through it /


            I have got a horse now, and will not have / to walk as much as I used to,  I have a secesh / horse, with the brand “C.S.A.” on him.  he is / neither a very pretty or good animal but will do me / till I can get a better one.  I had a letter from / Ell Lyon lately, he was profuse in his congratulations / on my appointment, which does’nt amount to quite / such a big thing as he seems to think it.


            It is said that McCalls division is to be in our / Corps.  I hope it is so.  I am glad to see / that Sis is so good pluck, tell her so, and / also glad that she thinks that if I fall I will / do so in the line my duty.  Give my / love to Smith, Sis and the children, And remember / me to all the old friends about Freeport. /


Send this letter to Mag if She has gone home


I think our good friend Ben would have a very / big load if he would haul all the party that / you spoke of, but he is a good driver / and can have a big load.  Give my love to Mother  Mary Jane


Yours aff…