June 23rd, 1862





Camp Near New Bridge June 23rd 1862


Dr Mag


            I recd your letter of the 15th inst.  I was very glad / to hear from you. And was truly glad to find that you have / the spirit of a soldier and know that if you were only a / man you would be along with me here. I have allways / felt as you do, about this war and it is a great pleasure / and help to have a sister encourage me.  I am glad / to hear you get along well and that the children are / well. I think much if the children and long to see them / I was truly sorry to hear of the death of of Mr McCay, he / was a good & affectionate friend to me, I pity Mrs McCay / and her family very much. I hope you have had / a pleasant visit to Freeport. I would have been very / very much rejoiced to have met you all there, but duty / dont permit I am well and Myers boys /


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are well. They & I keep in good health better than the most / of the men. And I hope I will continue so. I want you to / sit down as soon as you get this and write me the particulars / of that man Jim McBride’s house breaking. There have been / several things happened to me and to those whom I regard as myself / that make me hate the place. If I get home again I will / make McBride repent of his little amusement. The men about / that delectable place who for have the spirit of men left in them, must / be pretty nearly “played out”. Now see that you write to me all / about this.  I wont write to you again till I get it.


I sent you 10$ via Sligo. I suppose you have got it / by this time. Tell Ben Huey that I feel very grateful to you  him / for being so kind to you. I shall allways remember him. / Remember me to Kate Myers and the rest of the young ladies / about Curllsville. We have been pretty quiet here for a / good while. When there will be another fight  I dont know / nor cannot tell, The Penna Reserves are near us now, / on our right. I have seen some of them. Give / my love to the children                                                


Your aff…ly