May 7th, 1863




Hd. Qrs. 62 Reg. P.V.

Camp Near Falmouth Va May 7th /63

My Dear Mother


            Here we are after ten days of marching & fighting, back in our old camps. I donít know why we are back here. I donít think we were defeated. But we will all know more about it in a few days. The loss in our Regt. has been very slight.  We were very fortunate we were under fire almost constantly for three days & nights & our loss in killed & wounded only 13.  No one whom you know is hurt. The 63rd Regt lost very heavily. Capt Geo McCulloch severely wounded. Capt. Jim Ryan safe, I have had no letters since we started from camp the mails have been stopped. I think they will be on today. I saw Wm John Galbraith yesterday. I saw Ed Geary on the battle ground.  I will write soon again I havenít time to write


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more at present. I expect to get a lot of letters today, & then I will answer them, Give my love to all


Yours affectionately



I had a letter from Adomin? (Unknown) Bean a short time ago


May 11


            Dear Mag, this letter this morning  I thought perhaps you had not heard from Gust (unknown) about the battle I went home with.  She was very uneasy when I left her last Thursday I suppose she has heard by this time we all well. They are expecting the nine months men home to tomorrow I wish it were the three years men do not feel like writing I am very tired I have been working in the garden kiss the children for me  your Mother.