November 9th, 186?








*The year for this letter is believed to be 1862, due to similar references during the same time period.


Camp Near (missing piece)

Nov. 9. 186(missing piece)


Dear Mother,


            I last wrote (missing piece) / Snickers Gap, we left that on (missing piece) / morning and arrived here this morning. / We have passed through a beautiful / country sometimes upon the mountain / and sometimes up in the valleys, / while we lay at Snickers Gap  I went / up to the top of the mountains and looked / over into Shenandoah valley. I never / saw so much land at the same time / before. I could see for 20 miles / in all directions except back of me / and looking down from the mountain / I could not perceive the smaller / hills & valleys and below me looked / like a level plain with valages farm / houses & woods upon it. The view was / very beautiful and I shall not / soon forget it. and besides I could / see the camps of 10,000 or 15000 ‘seceshers” & it / was something of an amusement to / watch them. I am very well / The weather is a little rough /


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(missing piece) now. We had quite / (missing piece) the other day & it has / (missing piece) -ed every day.  Our men / (missing piece) coats & some of them no / (missing piece) -s very hard upon them. / (missing piece) most impossible to get / (missing piece) -othing for the men.  I see / that some of the “home soldiers” are / declaring that the army is all well clothed / I happen to know better. & wish they / would come out & see. They would / learn better. I had a letter from / Seph a few days ago. I send you / a very “large puff” taken from the / Clarion Banner. I suppose I am / bound to be famous since I have / got my name in the Clarion Co. papers / Ben Huey is well. He told me he / had a letter from home a short time ago / and that “sidy” was very sick. Is it / so s. Send this letter to Mag.


            I saw Ell Lyon day before yester- / -day. he is well. There is a report / here that Genl. McClellan has been Super- / -ceded & the soldiers are swearing all / sorts of vengence upon some body for / working against McClellan. I have / had no letters for 2 weeks.


Good Bye  Gus